Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Dennis Kucinich Is Always Meditating

In an interview with beliefnet, Dennis Kucinich was asked if he meditates or does yoga:
KUCINICH: I'm meditating now. This conversation with you is a meditation.

BELIEFNET: Hmmm. How so?

KUCINICH: In that it is a constant flowing in and flowing out of spiritual principles, connection to thought, which is derived from spirit. It's the way I live every moment.

BELIEFNET: Does campaigning feel like a spiritual practice?

KUCINICH: Every moment of my life. EVERY MOMENT connects to spirit. In fact, that's how I'm here.

Dennis wants a department of peace to reflect a culture of non-violence. Even though his poll numbers make him nowhere near where he needs to be to get the nomination, it's refreshing to hear a candidate talk like this.

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