Sunday, December 30, 2007

Immigrants Are People Too

Even if they are here without documentation. I don't like the term "illegal immigrant." How can a person be illegal for existing?  The New York Times editorializes today, showing that the Republicans are trying to out-Dobbs each other, while Democrats, at least, have a better starting point on this issue. Some good questions are asked:
What should be the role of immigrant labor in our economy? How does the country maximize its benefits and lessen its ill effects? Once the border is fortified, what happens to the 12 million illegal immigrants already here? Should they be expelled or allowed to assimilate? How? What about the companies that hire them?

A truly healed planet doesn't get hung up on borders, but does get hung up on what the must humane way is of dealing with human beings. Most human beings want what we all want, peace in our time, opportunity, and the best for their families. How about starting from that vantage point?

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